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Sowing Sustainability & Savings, One Leaflet at a Time!

Northern Railways propelled forward its innovative “Try The Train” campaign, aligning the advantages of train travel over car use, particularly spotlighting the Car Free Day on 22nd September. The campaign coursed through major commuter cities, aiming to instigate a thoughtful shift towards rail commuting amongst diverse commuter demographics, beyond just the 9-5 office workforce.

Our EXECUTIONAL promotional team, donned in branded attire, played a pivotal role in elevating awareness about World Car Free Day and the substantial savings commuters could embrace by opting for train travel. Armed with plantable leaflets embedded with seeds, our team interacted with city dwellers, specifically targeting car drivers, shedding light on the Savings Calculator and the enticing 50% off on the first ticket purchase for first-time app users. The fusion of significant financial savings and a novel eco-friendly approach was the campaign’s hallmark. The seed-embedded, compostable leaflets were a crowd-puller, fostering excitement and conversation amongst individuals who were not only contemplating the economic benefits but also appreciating the practical and environmental impact.

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