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đź’ˇ “Illuminating Excellence with Every Fixture and Fit at Tigermoth Lighting’s Decorex Stand!” đź’ˇ

Executing more than just engaging activations, EXECUTIONAL leapt into a different spectrum of service with Tigermoth Lighting, lending a hand (or several) in the meticulous buildup of their exquisite exhibition stand at Decorex, Kensington Olympia.

Over a bustling two-day span, our adaptable team merged brawn with finesse, aiding in everything from delicate light fixture installations to the robust unloading and branding of the area. From ensuring every strand of impeccable statement lighting from Tigermoth shimmered perfectly to navigating safely amidst the flurry of setup activity, our crew illuminated the path for a dazzling showcase.

Going great thanks, we’re really impressed by both Ian and Tom

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