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When advertising a role or campaign we post this on the ‘Job Market’ section of your staff portal. Here you can view the jobs that we have available by campaign, date or location, with information about the brand you will be representing and the roles available.

Every role that is listed on our ‘Job Market’ is sent out to staff via a job alert email with a link to click on and make an application. You will receive these for any jobs that are local to you, so keep an eye on your inbox. Please ensure that we are on your safe sender’s list and not falling into your spam. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on any fun work in your area!

If a job has disappeared or it is no longer available to apply for, this means that it has already been booked. We recommend logging in regularly to take a look at the latest jobs on offer and apply for fun activities in your area.

How It Works

Next to each campaign on the ‘Job Market’ there is a dropdown arrow that allows you to view information about the job and the locations. If you click on the grey ‘Show Shifts’ box, this will list all dates, timings and rates of pay. From here, you can unselect any shifts that you are not available for, and hit the green ‘Apply’ box in the right-hand corner.

Now comes the important part where you are given the opportunity to explain why we should select you for this job. Think about the brand, event and role that you will be doing, and why you are best suited. This can be a combination of previous experience, any relevant interests and of course your personality!

PLEASE NOTE: All applications are viewed on the portal by the staffing team so you don’t need to call or email the office.

Getting Booked On An Activity

We usually leave jobs live for a period of time to give all staff an opportunity to apply. From here the staffing team will go through all applications to select the most suitable candidates. If chosen you will receive a phone call from a member of the team to have a chat about the role. Upon confirming that you are booked for the job, you will receive a confirmation email detailing dates, timings, locations and rates of pay. You must now click on the link at the bottom of the email to confirm the booking and get it written in your diary!


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