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Usherette Tray

An usherette tray is a great vending solution. Most often used in food sampling activities, or as part of a larger campaign, with product sampling included. Staff can be mobile and cover more space in order to efficiently distribute high volumes of stock. There is an increased number of customer interactions, being able to reach higher footfall areas both in stores and in outdoor campaigns.

The usherette tray is lightweight and comes with 2 shoulder straps that ensure sampling stock is kept upright and supported. Usherette trays are waterproof and suitable for sampling food and drinks. There is no minimum order quantity.

Branded Usherette Trays – Fully Customisable..

Branding Options: If you choose branded trays, as an optional extra, your trays will bring the addition of personalisation to suit your brand. Bespoke usherette trays can have your logo in two places, with brand matching tray colours. 

Mobile Sampling Tray

How An Usherette Tray Can Impact Your Campaign

Usherette trays are a great, cost-effective way of bringing more movement to a static sampling campaign. With the use of the trays, staff can be mobile. Having multiple staff members roaming makes for increased customer contact opportunities. This works for both in-store and outdoor campaigns.

Quorn Sampling Campaign: A team of 4 were able to man the main event space under the Quorn marquee as well as roaming around the events. The campaign went from one static sampling point, to three points in the location. Roaming samplers were able to direct customers back to the Quorn Marquee, increasing the visibility of the activity, and the total reach of the campaign.

Branded Usherette Trays

Mobile Sampling Tray

In terms of food hygiene, using usherette trays mean that samples spend much less time in the hands of sampling staff. They are a clean, cool solution to hand out to a customer. This is especially helpful at outdoor events on warmer days.

The trays have a smooth outer and are easy to wipe down regularly. The use of the usherette trays allows sampling staff to work hands-free, so they can hand out leaflets or important allergen advice.

Roaming Teams – Talk About New Products

During Arla’s #takestrength campaign, usherette trays were used to reach out to the wider area away from the static promotion area. Taking samples of Arla Protein to attendees that otherwise wouldn’t have visited the event village. Because the staff using usherette trays had a simple way of holding the samples, they were able to hand out leaflets to increase applicants for Arla’s social media competition.

Usherette Tray

In-store Product Sampling

The use of a deluxe usherette tray in-store, gives a professional, clean and well-presented approach to a basic sampling activation. The use of usherette trays in-store could even banish the need for a traditional sampling stand. It allows staff to take on more than one role at a time, communicating with customers and roaming around, whilst being able to access samples quickly and efficiently.

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