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What About Staff Attendance?

A common query we encounter, especially from those new to partnering with a staffing agency, revolves around staff attendance. Ensuring reliable attendance involves several factors, which we’ll delve into below.

  Building Strong Relationships with Staff

In a previous post, we discussed our staff selection process and the importance of fostering close relationships with them. This bond goes beyond a mere employer-employee dynamic. A strong rapport with staff members enhances their commitment and reliability, ensuring a dependable field staffing team.

  Preparation and Planning

It’s vital for our teams to have straightforward access to all essential details. To avoid the pitfalls of buried emails, we’ve enhanced our approach. While we send briefing information via email, it’s also readily available on our staffing platform, linked directly to their live shifts. Additionally, every team is part of a dedicated WhatsApp group, receiving timely reminders about dress codes, meeting points, and contact details. This method guarantees that crucial information is instantly accessible on their devices.

  Check-in Process

At Executional, we’ve implemented a thorough check-in procedure. The day before an event, we confirm staff preparations. On the event day, we use a two-stage check-in process. The first reminder is sent 90 minutes before their shift, prompting staff to mark their status as ‘en route’ on our platform. If there’s no response within 30 minutes, our live team contacts them directly. Upon arrival, staff check in using a geo-pushpin system that verifies their location. If there are any tech issues, they can upload a photo as proof of their location. This platform also provides event managers and team leaders with easy access to contact details of all staff members on duty, often mirrored in the WhatsApp group.

  Check-out and Feedback

Post-shift, staff members are prompted to check out, mirroring the check-in process. They’re also reminded to complete activity evaluation questionnaires. This feedback, both positive and negative, is invaluable. We’ll delve deeper into our reporting process in a future post, highlighting how we gather and utilise this feedback for comprehensive client reports.

  Campaign Images

When needed, our team leaders and event managers capture photos of the ongoing activity. These images are promptly shared with you in a real-time gallery. This ensures you can instantly share visuals of the event with your internal stakeholders.

It’s worth noting that we’ve been in this industry for 16 years. Over time, we’ve honed methods to maximize the potential of our promotional team, and it’s not always tied to software or emails. If you’re considering partnering with EXECUTIONAL for your next campaign, we invite you to get in touch.


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