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How do we select our staff?

We often receive inquiries about our staff selection process. So, in this blog post, we’re delving deeper into how we choose the best to represent Executional.

  Close-knit Team

Whilst we have a roster of thousands, we maintain a closely-knit group of staff members. We prioritise quality over quantity, cherishing our top performers and those who consistently receive glowing testimonials from our clients.

  Swift Weekly Payroll

It may surprise some to learn that we emphasise our weekly payroll system. This approach sets Executional apart. Our staff never waits more than seven days from their shift to payment. Many of our competitors, on the other hand, only finalise payroll at the end of the following month. Why is this relevant to staff selection? The promise of prompt payment makes us an attractive agency for potential recruits. When we announce a new campaign, our promotional team is eager to participate because they trust our speedy remuneration.

  Accurate Payroll System

Our Field team often praises our accurate and fair payroll system. Calculated every Monday, payments are made promptly by midnight on Tuesday. We pride ourselves on the minimal instances of payment issues—evidence of our commitment to valuing and respecting our staff’s work. This accuracy boosts our reputation, ensuring that prospective staff members are confident in our promise of correct and timely payment.

  Building Personal Relationships

Our project management approach at Executional is unique. We don’t follow the assembly-line model where multiple individuals handle different segments. Instead, from client contact to staff briefing and management, there’s a singular point of contact. This approach fosters close working relationships between our internal team and our Field team. By knowing our staff intimately, we’re better equipped to recommend the best fit for our clients’ needs, leading to recurring staff requests by satisfied customers.

  Star Players, Not Trawling

We maintain a list of “star players”—staff members recognised for their exemplary performance and frequent client praise. They are the first to be informed of upcoming campaigns, events, and promotions. Unlike agencies that send mass emails in a “trawler” approach to staffing, we focus on direct communication. Our Field team appreciates this personal touch, knowing that we value their contributions and offer roles tailored to their strengths.

  Feedback and Detailed Profiles

Post-activity feedback is crucial. Whether our staff worked directly with a client or under the guidance of an Executional event manager, we value client feedback. We continuously update staff profiles, ensuring that the entire Executional team is aware of each member’s performance. This iterative feedback loop aids in refining our selection process and in recognizing our top-performing members.

By investing in our team, nurturing relationships, and maintaining transparent practices, we’ve established a trusted and efficient staff selection process at EXECUTIONAL. If you are interested in working with EXECUTIONAL please get in touch today.


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