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Our Story

Thanks for visiting our site and reading more about who we are and what we do. My name is Tim Orpen and I set up EXECUTIONAL in 2007, over 15years ago. I had previously worked in the field as a brand ambassador and event manager before working office side in another promotions company. There I worked from office assistant up to account director, broadly in charge of the daily campaign planning and client servicing. Whilst working within this agency I always felt that there was a disconnect between what we said we could do and what we actually delivered for our clients. For that reason back in 2007, I started EXECUTIONAL. Yes, I know, right before the 2008 financial crisis – but I wanted to run an agency the way I knew clients wanted to work – as a partnership with two important philosophies:

1.  Focusing On What We Do Best

An agency that took care of the actual doing side of experiential campaigns and promotions. This means we naturally fit working with both brand marketing departments and other agencies. So thinking staff supply, training, logistics, and vehicles – the nuts and bolts of the campaign implementation. Yes, this might not be as glamorous as purely creative but it is the actual doing which makes the campaigns run successfully. So whilst we may not be the most creative bunch, what we can offer is experienced advice on what works and how we bring that campaign to life. This makes use a great fit for agencies and brands looking for a partner to run their product sampling campaign, roadshow or activation. And for some, a partner to supply reliable brand ambassadors and event managers across the UK.

“Having worked with a number of agencies for approximately 10 years, EXECUTIONAL have proven to be a ‘cut above the rest’. They are willing to adapt to client differences, the urgency of some bookings, the complexities of managing such a huge profile of store bookings, across the nation, and do so with positivity and confidence.” – Manning Gottlieb OMD

2.  Building Long Term Client Relationships

Some of our clients such as Shell, Yakult and others have worked with EXECUTIONAL for almost 8 years and this is the second goal we aspire to every day. Rather than constantly looking for the new client with ongoing business development we instead prefer to do a great job, be reasonably priced and go above and beyond to make sure clients stay with EXECUTIONAL. We often receive recommendations from brands internally or agencies saying their colleague worked with us, and that they have a project that needs our support – and for us, that is the greatest compliment we can get. This runs right through the core of our agency, demonstrating an ‘always on’ way of working. I can remember working in the field and needing to call the agency I was working for on Saturday morning at 7 am and no one would pick up their phones, perhaps not ever hearing back from them. We truly operate 7 days per week and if you need to speak to one of the team we are available. That includes me too. I cannot expect my employees to follow an ‘always on’ approach if the person in charge doesn’t do that too. So rather than sitting in an ivory tower, I am actively involved in the daily running and management of the campaigns, constantly considering our client’s best interests. So that may include presenting a new campaign to a new client or loading a van for a roadshow. In my opinion, it is the only way to keep fully looped into every project we work on and do the best we can.

“EXECUTIONAL have been used by our company for a number of years now. Other agencies have been tried, but proved to be unprofessional and could not deliver what we requested. EXECUTIONAL provide excellent service, are flexible, fast to respond to changing requirements where necessary. I thoroughly recommend them.” – Yakult UK Ltd

If you think EXECUTIONAL could be a good fit for your campaign, please do contact us and let’s start talking about how we can help.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Tim Orpen (MD)