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Anne-Marie x YouTube Shorts

Unleashing Creativity with Anne-Marie: Our promotional staff guided fans in capturing an unforgettable night with YouTube Shorts

Our promotional staff were thrilled to be a part of the exciting Anne-Marie UNHEALTHY album launch event in collaboration with YouTube Shorts. Bringing the unique short-form video platform to life, the team played a vital role in engaging fans and attendees.

the team were great, so thanks to them and yourself.

Attendees were encouraged to create and post content using the YouTube Shorts editing tools. Our staff guided fans in adding tracks, including the hit “Anne-Marie – UNHEALTHY ft Shania Twain,” and posting videos with the hashtag #YouTubeMusicNights.

From performances to props, attendees captured the unforgettable night, all while learning how to utilise YouTube Shorts. Thanks to our team’s dedicated efforts, the launch party was filled with creativity, excitement, and unforgettable memories!