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300,000 Social Impressions in the Sun

Our task was to create a buzz around Rowntree’s Ice Lollies in five major UK cities – Newcastle, Manchester, London, Glasgow, and Leeds. The campaign aimed to leverage the power of social media, using our staff to generate authentic engagement and significantly boost social impressions.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Urban Activation with a Summer Twist: Positioned teams with deck chairs, parasols, and props in front of busy locations and recognisable landmarks to attract attention and convey a holiday-like atmosphere.
  2. Social Media Engagement: Encouraged staff to share photos of their relaxing moments in the sun on their personal social media channels, reaching a wide audience and creating a substantial number of impressions.
  3. Public Involvement Incentives: Offered free vouchers for Rowntree’s Ice Lolly products or branded beach towels to the public for joining in the #RowntreesLolliday campaign.


  • Dynamic Team Mobilisation: Deployed and managed teams of up to 20 staff in each target city, ensuring a vibrant and engaging presence.
  • Effective Campaign Management: Utilised a consistent Event Manager for close control of stock and team management, supported by campaign vehicles.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Closely managed social media posts and campaign tracking using web tools to maximise online engagement.
  • 24/7 Remote Staff Management: Provided round-the-clock remote management outside live hours for seamless operation.
  • Consumer Engagement: Successfully engaged with thousands of consumers, both face-to-face and online, enhancing brand visibility and appeal.


The Rowntree’s Ice Lollies summer campaign successfully captured the public’s imagination in each city. By combining physical presence with digital reach, the campaign generated almost 300,000 social impressions, significantly increasing brand awareness. The unique approach of using everyday staff members instead of traditional influencers resonated well with the audience, creating a genuine and relatable promotion. The campaign’s success in blending online and offline engagement strategies marked it as a standout promotional effort.


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