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Reaching Professionals – On Their Way To Work

Reaching Professionals – On Their Way To Work…

In this edition of the Reaching Professionals series of our promotional marketing guides, we take a look at the morning commute into work, where professionals are fighting through the rush to make it to their desk on time. How do you reach them and make an impact that will last throughout their working day?

Where to go…

Train, Bus and Tube Stations

The first place EXECUTIONAL would always suggest is having activity inside or outside the busy commuter links of your selected activity city or town. This is where professionals will start their day, heading off the train, tube or bus, onto the high streets and into work during the rush hour periods, and promotional campaigns can be set-up to meet this traffic. Either inside or outside (depending on permissions organised) promotional teams can greet professionals with a smile and promotional material that they will take with them to work.

High Footfall Streets

What if your selected activity city or town doesn’t have a viable commuter link to be inside or outside? Promotional campaigns can be a little bit further away, placed on the high footfall streets that lead to office buildings across the city/town. The campaign would then reach the same people as they head to the local coffee shop or newsagents before they walk into work. Potentially even being set up on the walkways from busy public car parks you can reach the people that drove to work.

What to do…

It’s called rush hour for a reason so remember to get their attention! Commuters are always happy to take a free product sample and these will always fly out of our promotional staff members hands. What if you don’t have samples? Even a simple leafleting campaign can be brought to life with a variety of ideas (mobile billboards, costumes, competitions) that all help to get the attention of professionals.

When to do it…

EXECUTIONAL generally recommend that any ‘on their way to work’ activity takes place between 7 am and 10 am in the morning – targeting the peak morning rush hour periods. Any earlier will be low footfall and any later your target audience will already be at work (or running very late)! Many times EXECUTIONAL often suggest running morning activity alongside lunch and evening activity to reach a more varied audience, our handy hint below also gives some insight into this.

Handy hint…

“Timings! It is really important to consider the mind frame of your target audience on their way to work. The time you get into work is generally quite strict, and people are very focused on getting to their desk on time making interaction with a promotional staff member limited. So always think, could your promotion wait until lunch or evening when people are more relaxed?”