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Reaching Professionals Guide – In Their Offices

Reaching Professionals – In Their Offices…

In this instalment of our Reaching Professionals guides we take a look at engaging with professionals inside their place of work: at their desks, in break out areas, in receptions, etc. We will discuss what you can achieve and the important things to consider when planning promotional activity within office and business locations.

Where to go…

Are you looking for specific types of businesses?

The first question to ask, to find out the answer to where to go, is always who exactly do you want to reach? Media and marketing professionals? Lawyers? Retail workers? Mechanics?  Or potentially it is ‘everyone’? EXECUTIONAL always look to drill down which businesses to reach either in a specific area or across the UK, looking at business size or function to make sure your activity reaches the right professionals.

Tightly Knit or Spread Out?

Put simply, EXECUTIONAL teams can go anywhere: offices, business centres, industrial estates, retail parks, high street retailers, sports centres, garages, anywhere! For obvious reasons city centres have more tightly clustered business areas meaning there is more opportunity to visit more businesses in less time. But even when your target audience is spread out, EXECUTIONAL would advise a route plan for all visits, meaning you are getting the most cost-effective use of our promotional staff time and importantly your budgeting!

What to do…

This is quite difficult to condense in our bite-sized guides, but the main points to consider is whether or not permission has been organised beforehand. In certain circumstances, for example, a product sampling campaign for a new snack product does not need permission to be sought in advance. The idea would be to arrive and give the product to all employees in their place of work. If anything this is a better strategy, as we know in our experience that this is hugely popular with employees when our promo teams arrive. This is what we would term as a tactical piece of activity as we are ‘tactically’ engaging with the office workers. The great thing about tactical activity is that we can organise and mobilise our teams quickly for this type of approach.

There is, however, another way for this to work. As an example, if you were looking to organise an employee engagement piece in a main head office location then permissions would need to be sought in advance. This is something we would work through during your enquiry as they can be quite complicated so worth considering timescales for this type of activity.

When to do it…

We hate to say it ‘depends’, but it really does. The way we look at it, as ‘busy professionals’ ourselves, when we would welcome a promo team into our office? We would say late morning through to just before close of business, catching us before lunch or after, during the “afternoon lull” is a great time to lift the workforce and bring some excitement into the office. Steer clear of the rush hours, with professionals busy planning the day or rushing to meet deadlines, and aim to reach them between 10 am and 4 pm. When our teams are travelling between different parts of a town or city, working within these times also helps to minimise delays in travelling and creates more time to engage with the target audience.

Handy hint…

“Memorable and not forgettable! Regardless of your product or service, you need to make sure the experience is memorable, even if you are conveying a complex service or product, you have to make sure that the promotion gives a lift or brief break from the humdrum of office life. Think giveaways, healthy snacks (or even unhealthy) or something that will briefly focus on your brand or offering. Remember, a call to action even as simple as tweeting their photo with the giveaway and their colleagues – or even better something that will collate some contact information.”