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Off Campus Student Marketing

Tactically targeting students as they go into and out of university campus gives a low-cost alternative to booking expensive promotional space. This type of off-campus student marketing is only relevant for certain campaigns but does represent the best option for many clients wanting to reach students but a lower budget.

Be Outside Of The Main Entrances To Universities…

If you are looking for a volume based student distribution such as leaflets, packaged samples, vouchers etc then targeting students at the main entrance is vastly more cost effective than being on campus. eXecutional will provide all our promotional teams with the correct street distribution permits to fall in-line with local council regulations and branded clothing to make them stand out from the crowd.

What we do…

  • Cherry Picking Your Top University Campuses.
  • Targeting The Exact Distribution Locations.
  • Detailed Promotional Staff Selection Process
  • Comprehensive Briefing For Promotional Staff
  • Handle Off Campus Promotional Permits
  • Cost Effective Off Campus Student Marketing


Your account manager will plan your off campus student marketing to include all locations, days of the week and strict timings. They will also advise on promotional materials and branded clothing for the promotional staff. All logistics and movement of products will be included in your campaign proposals meaning every aspect is carefully planned and considered.


All our off campus student marketing will be performed by our local promotion staff. Our regional managers will select promotional staff with local knowledge who are of a similar age to the students we are targeting. All off campus student marketing will be overseen by our experienced team leaders responsible for managing the promotional staff during their shifts.

Reporting On Off Campus Student Marketing

Your account manager will discuss the best strategy for reporting on your student marketing activity. Offering private on-line activity reporting blogs or detailed data matrix portals we will have a reporting solution matched to your needs.