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Müller created two large Olympic Fanzones for their #InTeamGB’sCorner campaign – offering members of the public the opportunity to relax and take in the historic sporting event on one of their giant screens. Combined with a variety of free Müller products, great activities and a relaxed seating area, this campaign was perfect to kick off the summer with.

Campaign Overview

Developing visibility for Müller as a key sponsor of Team GB

Muller Case Study

We primarily provided staffing services for this campaign, with two large teams working to distribute thousands of Müller products during the Olympics. The teams were stationed in and around branded promotional areas in key city centre locations, stocked with a vast array of original and special edition Müller products.

Our teams also helped to get members of the public involved in themed sports challenges and utilised branded props to drive social media engagement using the #InTeamGB’sCorner. They also roamed around the Fanzone, handing out chilled snacks to spectators and keeping them stocked up throughout the day.

What We Did

  • Provided two large teams of experienced sampling staff in both London & Manchester
  • Staff management both on and off the ground using our event managers and HR staffing teams
  • Bespoke briefing packs created using Müller brand information & EXECUTIONAL knowhow