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Müller’s Olympic Fanzones: Bringing the Excitement of the Games to Spectators

Our mission was to enhance visibility for Müller as a key sponsor of Team GB during the Olympics. We were tasked with managing experiential events at two large Olympic Fanzones, providing an immersive and engaging environment for spectators to enjoy the historic sporting event while sampling Müller products.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Interactive Fanzone Experience: Created Olympic Fanzones equipped with giant screens for live event viewing, complemented by a relaxed seating area and various Müller products for free sampling.
  2. Active Public Engagement: Organised sports challenges and activities themed around the Olympics, encouraging public participation and boosting brand interaction.
  3. Social Media Integration: Utilised branded props and themed challenges to drive social media engagement using the hashtag #InTeamGB’sCorner.


  • Dedicated Sampling Teams: Deployed two large teams of experienced sampling staff in London and Manchester to distribute Müller products and engage with the public.
  • Efficient Staff Management: Utilised event managers and HR staffing teams for on-the-ground management, ensuring smooth operation and high-quality interactions.Brand-Focused Briefing: Prepared bespoke briefing packs combining Müller brand information with EXECUTIONAL expertise to equip staff with the necessary knowledge and skills.


The Müller Olympic Fanzones campaign successfully created a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for spectators, enhancing their Olympic experience while prominently featuring Müller products. The combination of live sports viewing, interactive activities, and product sampling effectively showcased Müller’s support for Team GB and cemented the brand’s position as a key sponsor. The campaign’s success in driving public engagement and social media activity further amplified Müller’s visibility, aligning the brand with the excitement and spirit of the Olympic Games.


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