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Nationwide, Handpicked And Experienced Staff
EXECUTIONAL have confident experiential event staff ready to support you. Are you planning an experiential event, possibly a roadshow across the UK and need extra staff to support this activity?

Hire Experiential Event Staff to make the campaign a success

Sometimes you may require the creation and implementation of a full experiential campaign, but at EXECUTIONAL we understand that sometimes all you need is the event staff. You may have organised all logistics, booked all event space and organised the whole event, but just need some local teams to support your event managers, at cost-effective rates.

We have a nationwide database of experienced experiential event staff, so whether it’s a team of 10 in London or one person in Glasgow we can help.

How We Can Help…

Nationwide Experiential Event Staff
Confident & Experienced Experiential Staff
Detailed Experiential Event Staff Selection Process
Comprehensive Briefing For All Event Staff
Always On Brand & On Time
Cost Effective Experiential Staffing Rates

Selecting Your Staff

With the experience of being experiential event staff themselves, our regional staffing managers understand better than anyone what is needed to create great experiential staff. Bubbly, engaging event staff provide the customer engagement needed to create a successful experiential event.

Staff are selected on their skill set, working experience and geographic proximity to the campaign. We ensure you have the right experiential event staff for your promotion.

Briefed and Trained Teams

If supplying more senior experiential staff roles such as event managers, team leaders, or assistant event managers, EXECUTIONAL can help organise the promotional staff training required to get them up to speed.

If this level of training is not required for the experiential event staff, EXECUTIONAL are still here to ensure they are given the correct briefing (meeting points, uniforms, onsite contacts, etc.) to make the experiential event a success.

Full Attendance Management

Even when supplying just a single experiential event staff member, EXECUTIONAL are available 24/7 to ensure the staff member arrives on-time and ready to start.

All our experiential event staff are required to sign in with us each day approximately 1.5 hours before their shift starts. They then sign into their shifts with our head office team, meaning we are always up to speed with staff arrival times and here to resolve any problems.

Full Event Management

Being a full service agency, we can manage the whole campaign for you. This is particularly useful when you are touring in multiple locations and cities at the same time or during a roadshow. 

Our event team leaders also take on a staff management role. This ensures the teams are meeting their key deliverables.

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