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Cancelling A Shift

Event Staff Jobs - Cancelling a shift

What We Expect

When you are booked in for a job with EXECUTIONAL, we expect you to sign in with us before your shift, arrive 15 minutes prior to your shift start time and do an amazing job for our customers.

We know that sometimes things can just simply go wrong. We’re all human and that’s what makes promotions and experiential campaigns so great, but there are consequences to cancelling a shift at the last minute and not getting in touch with us correctly if you have to do so.

What To Do

  • Call Us!

In the event of any issue that will affect you getting to or attending your shift, you must always call the office on 0113 479 0437. Our office is open 24/7 so in the event of an issue, please get in touch day or night.

  • At Weekends?

We are always online. We have a dedicated weekend administrator that is on hand to help with any issues and the office is still open to take calls or respond to messages.

What Not To Do

  • Contact Your Booker

Although the office is always open, not all of us are on call at any given time, which is why you must contact the office directly and make us aware that you cannot attend your shift.

  • Wait Until The Last Minute

Waiting until you receive your check-in text on the day of the live shift to let us know that you cannot make it is simply not good enough, and leaves us with much less of an opportunity to find a staff member to replace you. The more notice you can give us, the less stress it causes for the staffing team.

Our Procedures

Every time a booking is cancelled it is noted on your profile and this can be seen by all of the staffing team when considering you for a role. Depending on the circumstances, your profile is then reviewed and if the situation dictates, we will suspend your profile so that you are no longer considered for work.

We take every cancellation on individual merit, but it is a serious issue and cancellations, particularly at short notice are not taken lightly.


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