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There are many great places in Swansea to hold an event, promotion or campaign. Whether it’s at Liberty Stadium, on the Marina or just in the bustling City Centre. There are plenty of great, high footfall places to target your customers no matter what their demographic in this seaside town in Wales.

Promotional Staff Swansea

   Event Staff in Swansea

Our Swansea event staff all come from a promotional background. You might find them working as hosts/hostesses at a charity gala in Liberty stadium, on an exhibition stand at conferences in nearby hotels or conference centres, or even acting as promotional models at high profile exclusive events.

   Product Sampling Staff in Swansea

You might see our sampling staff handing out some of your favourite treats, from chocolate to iced coffee in the city centre, inside Swansea train station catching commuters on their way to work, or in Quadrant shopping centre targeting shoppers. No matter where they are, or what they’re promoting, you can always guarantee our staff will meet you with a smile, and positive attitude.

   Staff For Experiential Marketing Campaigns in Swansea

If you’re launching an experiential event, roadshow or campaign, we can provide all of the elements that you require to make things run perfectly and ensure customers receive a fantastic brand experience when they approach you. With a dedicated promotional team, inclusive of an experienced event manager, and team of promotional staff, we’re sure to get your event off to a great start. As an implementation agency, we can manage and provide all branded Campaign Equipment, from bespoke vehicle builds to usherette trays and branded sampling bins.

   In-Store Product Demonstrators in Swansea

With many brands looking to promote their items through physical interaction with future customers, Swansea promotional staff often work on product demonstration campaigns, where they actively promote and upsell products by showing the public how these are used. Our staff can be demonstrating any product, from lawnmowers in DIY stores, to the latest hair tools in Boots.

   Flyer Distribution Staff in Swansea

Our brand ambassadors can often be found down at Swansea marina, or in the city centre distributing leaflets for a massive range of brands. They can learn brand knowledge quickly in order to be able to educate the public on key brand messages to ensure quality conversations are had as well as leaflets being distributed.


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Other Nearby Locations

Swansea is a great place for our promotional staff to work, with plenty of amenities nearby, however, our staff are familiar with travelling for work due to the nature of their jobs. This means they could work in nearby towns such as Llanelli, Port Talbot or Neath.

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    We’re a promotions agency that are always on the lookout for new stand-out staff members to join our team. If you’re interested in hearing more about promotional work in Swansea, check out our Staff Hub to find out more and join our promo staff Swansea team.