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Hospitality Staff

Hospitality Staff

Are you looking for hospitality staff for your event or function? Since 2007 we have supplied staff into the functions & event industry across the UK.

Event Staff | Staff Event

Event Staff

EXECUTIONAL are a provider of nationwide corporate event staff. We staff events for functions, conferences, exhibitions and trade shows.

Event Host | Event Hostess

Event Host

We provide high calibre hosts and hostesses to be the welcoming face for your upcoming corporate event or function.

Promo Girl | Promotional Model

Promo Girls

Our promo staff are used for marketing activities and corporate events. Taking the role of a brand ambassador interacting with potential customers of the brand they are representing.

Promotional Staff

Promotional Staff

All our UK promotional staff are employees of EXECUTIONAL, recruited, selected and trained for a specific upcoming role.

Meet and Greet Staff

Meet & Greet Staff

Meet & greet staff welcome your visitors and are paramount to making the right impression on your guests.

EXECUTIONAL Staff Training

EXECUTIONAL Staff Training

EXECUTIONAL create training materials and deliver training content for our customers, from complex product sampling campaigns to detailed and data-hungry lead generation campaigns.

EXECUTIONAL Staff Management

EXECUTIONAL Staff Management

EXECUTIONAL provides 24/7 support and management of our promotional staff for every single promotional marketing campaign we run.

Event Staff

Event Managers

Our most senior staff used to manage large groups of brand ambassadors or more complex events and roadshows including guerrilla marketing.

Brand Ambassador Agency

Brand Ambassadors

Our brand ambassadors and team leaders engage with your target audience across a range of activity locations.

Roadshow Teams

Roadshow Teams

Planning a roadshow and want to recruit additional staff to support your brand? Do you need a team to tour the UK or local staff to help support your core team?

Event Support Staff

Event Support Team

Organised and running an event? Need to add to the team on the day with additional staff to meet and greet, direct attendees or cloakroom management?

Experiential Staffing Agency

Experiential Staff

Are you planning a brand experience or experiential event, possibly a roadshow across the UK? We can supply extra event staff to support this activity.

In store Product Sampling

In Store & Retail

Engage with shoppers in a buying mood by offering samples of your product at the point of purchase to drive long term basket sales.

Sampling In Supermarkets


Designed to increase brand awareness of your product but to drive interest at the point of purchase and increase sales at your selected stockists.

Sampling In Train Stations

Train Stations

Target commuters during peak morning and evening rush hours, outside of train, tube and bus stations nationwide.

Office Product Sampling


Surprise and delight office staff during their working day inside and outside of carefully selected business premises.

Experiential Sampling Roadshow


Build a roadshow targeting multiple locations engaging with varying target audiences, at different times of their day.

Sports Event Product Sampling

Sports Events

Be visible and get your product into the hands of thousands of fans and participants on their way to, during or leaving a sports event.

Tactical Product Sampling

Tactical & Roaming

Home in on your chosen target audience with a roaming team taking in multiple locations over one activity day.

Exhibition Product Sampling

Exhibitions & Tradeshows

Engage a highly focussed leisure or commercial audience within exhibition and trade show venues across the UK.

High Street Sampling

High Street Sampling

Sample to shoppers in high footfall central areas and high streets, either roaming or as part of an experiential event.

Product Sampling At Events


Reach a highly targeted group of consumers from a single high footfall show, festival or event.

Sampling Staff

Sampling Staff

Let us supply experienced, trained and engaging staff from our 4,500 strong nationwide promotional staff database.

Product Sampling At Shopping Centres

Shopping Centres

Reach thousands of consumers in a retail focussed environment to drive trial and purchase of your product.

Off Campus Student Marketing

Off Campus Student Marketing

Tactically targeting students as they go into and out of university campus gives a low-cost alternative to booking expensive promotional space. This type of off-campus student marketing is only relevant for certain...

On Campus Student Marketing

On Campus Student Marketing

On-campus student marketing targets students at the very heart of their university day by positioning our staff inside of the University Union and throughout campus. This gives you full access to the entire student...

Student Leaflet Distribution

Student Leaflet Distribution

Student leaflet distribution is a low-cost high impact marketing tool to advertise to students studying at University or College. EXECUTIONAL can create highly targeted student leaflet distribution campaigns at...

Leafleting | Flyer Distribution


EXECUTIONAL provide leafleting staff for flyer distribution campaigns across the UK.

Experiential Marketing Agency

Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Since 2007, EXECUTIONAL has been providing high calibre promotional staff and project management for a range of experiential marketing campaigns. We work as an experiential event agency partner for brands and their...

Product Demonstration

Product Demonstration

Supplying product demonstrators and the associated campaign equipment you need to make your project a success.

Exhibition Staff | Exhibition Staff Agency

Exhibition Staff

We work with both SMEs and larger brands to provide experienced exhibition stand staff for forthcoming events, trade shows and exhibitions.

Costume Staff | Mascot Staff

Costume Staff

Staff your costume characters with our nationwide database of outgoing and engaging costumed staff members.