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Planning a roadshow and want to recruit the best roadshow event staff? Do you need an event staff team to tour the UK or just local roadshow event staff to help support your core team?

Whichever you need EXECUTIONAL have experienced roadshow event staff to help.

Roadshow Event Staff – Touring Or Local?

When it comes to staffing a promotional roadshow, there are two options that you can run the campaign by:

Have a team of event staff travel across the UK and although this brings consistency it also brings expensive travel costs.

 Have roadshow event staff that are local to the event, selected to match the image and quality of the roadshow.

Either option has it’s pros and cons; we are here to help guide you on which roadshow event staff option is best for you.

How We Can Help…

Nationwide Roadshow Event Staff Across The UK
Confident & Experienced Event Staff
Detailed Staff Selection Process
Comprehensive Briefing For All Roadshow Event Staff
Always On Brand & On Time
Cost Effective Event Staff Rates

Selecting Your Roadshow Event Staff

Whichever option you choose, be it a single it a touring event team or roadshow event staff local to each event, EXECUTIONAL understands the importance of staff selection. EXECUTIONAL have invested heavily in a staff database that allows us to filter the staff not just on location, but experience, special skills, even hair colour. This way we can make sure wherever the event you are getting the best roadshow event staff possible.

Fully Briefed and Trained Teams

Depending on the type of team, either a core team or with local support staff there will be a requirement to fully brief each roadshow event staff member. EXECUTIONAL can provide central training days for roadshows using a core team or alternatively we can fully brief the local support staff prior to the event day(s). Our head office team ensures the staff are up to speed prior to the campaign so they are ready to go when they arrive at their shift.

Rigorous Staff Management

Whether their first day on the roadshow or the last day of a 100 day roadshow, EXECUTIONAL ensure roadshow event staff are fully managed. Each roadshow event staff member will follow a sign-in process with the regional staff managers, which begins in the hours before the campaign is due to start. This will always ensure (day or night) that they are on-time and on brand on every day of the campaign.

Full Event Management

Being a full service agency, we can manage the whole roadshow for you. This is particularly useful when you are touring in multiple locations and cities at the same time.

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