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Our portable sampling pods are a great alternative to a mobile sampling vehicle. They are lightweight and easy to transport. They take up much less space than a vehicle if your space isn’t big enough to support a sampling van, and are much more cost effective to purchase and brand.

Portable Pods aren’t just useful for sampling. They would make the perfect kiosk, ticket booth or information booth with their multi use serving hatch. With their quirky design, simple structure and ability to be fully wrapped and branded, they would fit in perfectly at any event. They are very quick and easy to set up, with a kitchen/prep area inside and can be easily hooked up for electricity and lighting. They can be left in situ when unmanned as they are lockable and therefore left safe and secure when not in use.

When used in an outdoor environment, promo pods create the perfect shelter and confined space for staff to prepare and hand out food, so even if you only have a small amount of allocated space, you can still have a structure in place to work from which is well branded and easy to see. All the while not having to suffer the hassle of not having the correct apparatus to fulfil your campaign to the highest possible standard.



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