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Job Applications

The Jobs Board

When advertising a role or campaign we post this on the ‘Job Market’ section of your Watu portal. An active staff member can see all of the available live jobs along with all of the information you need to decide if you would like to apply for it. If a job has disappeared or it is no longer possible to apply for it, this means that it has already been booked. We recommend logging in regularly to take a look at the latest jobs on offer and and apply for fun activities in your area.

How It Works

When you click ‘Apply’ on the jobs board you’ll be taken through to the job description page which includes an overview of the position, the name of the booker staffing the campaign and the dates and locations that are available. Here you can select all shifts that you are available for and include some relevant experience as to why you’d be most suited for the role in question. A great application will make you stand out from the crowd, greatly increasing your chances of being selected.

Click on the address to expand the location, where you’ll be able to see the dates, shift times, and the hourly rate:


When you see a date and location you want to apply for, click the switch so that it turns blue, or if you want to apply for all dates simply hit the switch next to the location. All applications are viewed from this central hub, so you don’t need to call or email the office.

Getting Booked On An Activity

We usually leave jobs live for a period of time to give all staff an opportunity to make an application. Once we get through to the selection process, if chosen you will receive a phone call from the booker to discuss the finer details of the role and see if you are suitable and available. Upon confirming that you are booked for the job, you will receive a confirmation email detailing dates, timings and rate of pay, of which you can pen this in your diary.


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