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We are not a door to door leaflet distribution service. EXECUTIONAL specialise in hand to hand promotional flyer distribution across London & UK. Our most popular campaign destinations tend to be City Centre high streets, train stations during commuter hours, Universities, events and exhibitions.

Hand to hand leaflet distribution campaigns are still hugely popular and are a cost-effective marketing strategy. Contact us today to discuss our flyer distribution rates for London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and everywhere in between!


Only The Best Flyer Distribution Staff

Our leaflet distribution staff are:

  • Handpicked based on their work experiences
  • Fully briefed prior to their first day of activity
  • Closely managed both for attendance and at location
  • Expected to complete post-activity evaluation and feedback
  • Able to give clients an immediate response rate to their campaign

Detailed Flyer Distribution Packs

We spend time working with our customers to create detailed campaign briefing information.  Our flyer distribution staff communicate this to members of the public as they hand out flyers and other promotional material.

Training packs also include information on personal appearance through to body language top tips.

Popular Flyer Distribution Locations

EXECUTIONAL work with our customers to carefully select activity locations based on either their intended target audience or a specific event. This way we can position our brand ambassadors in the correct location at the right time of day:

City Centre Shopping Areas
A highly popular location to target a cross-section of demographics during peak weekday and weekend shopping times.
Commuter Links
Target train, bus and tube stations at key commuter times across all major towns and cities in the Uk.
Flyering staff can target key relevant events to reach your chosen target audience as they arrive or leave their event. Handing out flyers at concerts, consumer shows, exhibitions or working at your own event.
Reaching students at University or within key student community areas with a team of street-based flyering staff. We can target handing out flyers at the main entrances and exits to Universities or focus on the surrounding student areas during their leisure times.


Can You Hand Out Flyers In The Street?

We often get asked if handing out flyers in the street is possible, the simple answer is, it depends. This is all based on the local council policies with regards to consent to distribute free printed matter. Ever since a tweak in the Clean Neighbourhood & Environment Act, it has meant that councils operate different permissions across the country.

At EXECUTIONAL we have a database of the requirements for each area. So we can advise on what is classified as designated land for flyer distribution in London, major cities and towns. This way you avoid any negative press or fixed penalty fines.

Flyer Distribution

Do You Need A Permit To Give Out Flyers?

For some locations in the UK, each staff member must wear a permit for giving out flyers. This usually takes the form of an annual or monthly scheme where the flyer distribution team have to wear a permit to show that the activity has been sanctioned. This does not apply to all cities and towns in the UK. So, if you have a question, please get in touch and we can advise on the local authority rules for the distribution of free printed material.

Permits & Permissions

Full-Service Flyer Distribution Agency

EXECUTIONAL can help with more than just flyering staffing. Having everything under one roof can really help produce a seamless leafleting campaign!

Take a look at our campaign equipment for more information or get a flyer distribution quote.


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What type of work to expect?
Working at corporate events, trade shows, exhibitions, festivals and sports events we hire flyer distribution staff across London & the UK. The underlying requirement is outstanding customer engagement and an upbeat can-do attitude. Read how to apply below!
How do I apply?
The starting point for joining our flyer distribution teams in London and across the UK is to create a portfolio in our online staff database (WATU). This is your chance to shine, so spend some time making this as great as possible. Up to date photos and detailed working experiences, all help your profile stand out to our staffing team. We hire flyering staff that have good work experience, time management skills and are reliable.
Where will the work be?
We operate nationwide across all major towns and cities in the UK. As you can expect the majority of work happens in the largest areas such as London, Birmingham, Manchester etc. That does not mean work is exclusively in these areas. The beauty of our database is that we will only hire flyer distribution staff to work in their local area. This allows you to pick and choose the work you apply for.



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