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Digital Advans

Digital Advans, otherwise known as advertising trailers can be used as mobile billboards at outdoor campaigns, or as a way to advertise indoor campaigns outside a venue. They can be used for mobile advertising in the run-up to an event, and parked in different places around town where your target audience might be, to promote and entice people to attend an event or take part in a promotion.


Ad vans are a high impact digital out of home advertising solution, with their large digital screens offering a cost-effective solution for raising brand awareness with great flexibility in regards to the location of the advertisement. In a capital city such as London, digital advertising space on the busiest streets can be extortionately priced. Our digital advertising vans can be driven around these areas, spending a day roaming the busiest parts of any city as a mobile advertising campaign, reaching the eyes of way more potential customers than a static advertisement could, for potentially a fraction of the price.

We can provide vans with vinyl artwork on the sides, backlit advans, or LED screens for maximum impact. Outdoor advertising is the perfect way to promote your brand to those who may never have known about your brand or promotion otherwise.

Arla Protein

At the Arla Protein Run For All events, LED mobile digital advans were used to advertise to runners and race attendees as they passed by the Arla Protein stand, where the Arla team were giving out free protein yoghurt pouches. They were great for raising the spirits of the runners with encouraging messages. The advan also portrayed their key advertising message for the day, a social media competition where members of the public could post an image with a hashtag to social media, to be in with the chance to win a holiday getaway.