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COVID-19 Guidance

6th April Update (Historic)


Firstly, we hope you are all well and importantly keeping safe and following all of the government guidelines to protect yourselves and others. A quick introduction, my name is Tim Orpen I set up EXECUTIONAL over 13 years ago in the back bedroom of my house at the time. I wanted to share an update of where we are as of the 6th April 2020.

In terms of EXECUTIONAL, since the middle of March, we have had all current projects either cancelled or postponed until further notice. We have gone from being incredibly busy to being in essence closed.

Head Office Team

We are operating a skeleton staffing team in the office, meaning it is best to contact us using [email protected]. That way, whoever is working will respond to your emails. Please forgive us, it might not be straight away but it will be as soon as possible and we will reply! If you are emailing your daily contacts at EXECUTIONAL and not getting a response it is likely that they are no longer in the office.

Future Projects & Working Opportunities

Let’s be honest, this is not going to last forever, and all of our projects, either bespoke or on-going will be coming back. We are actually receiving new dates for certain shows and events now. That said, they are dated 2021 but at least that means we know they will be coming on. We are confident (well at least currently so) that it will be business as usual when this terrible situation comes to an end.

Furlough Guidance & Processes

Before I go into this and explain, I wanted to make sure we are all on the same page. Currently, we have the following guidance from the HMRC, which you can read in full at your own leisure. This applies to you and also to the agencies you work for.




I have so far responded to only three emails which were received to hell[email protected]. These were for staff members who were asking to be furloughed with immediate effect. In these circumstances, where staff wanted to be furloughed with immediate effect, the honest answer was no. We have no confirmation on the timescale. I reference below the HMRC page with regards to timescales.

Why Should I Care About Timescale?

Yes, that is is a fair question. I will answer this as accurately as I can. COVID-19 has not just stopped live projects, it has brought the entire world to a stop. That means that things like invoice payments, deposit payments are all delayed. Until we have clear guidance on timescales, we cannot confirm whether or not we will be able to offer furlough to the promotional field team. This is not because we are not wanting to help, it is simple maths based on input and output of cash flow. Remember, we have to pay wages out before they can be claimed.

So Are You Offering Furlough Or Not?

Historically, EXECUTIONAL has done everything in our power to make working for us as good as possible:

  • Weekly Payroll
  • Comparable Wages
  • Mitigate Requirements For Expense Claims
  • Working With Paycircle For Correct Tax Codes & Accurate Wages

At this stage in time, we cannot answer this question. There are a variety of factors in play, most totally outside of our control. Once further information on timescale is available we will advise on this page. However, please note, we are already speaking with our payroll provider and our HR team to go through the processes. I just do not want to promise something that ultimately we cannot deliver.


Tim Orpen, Managing Director


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