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22nd April Update (Latest)


I hope you, your friends and family are keeping well?

As you are aware, January 2020 marked a change to one specific client for EXECUTIONAL which changed the landscape of our weekly payroll. For that reason, our Furlough scheme is based on this timeframe, as this is reflective of the available work from January of 2020 (which was interrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak). We feel this is the most relevant and fair approach based on the structure of our campaigns at the time of the pandemic and importantly the field staff that were most dependent and affected by this terrible situation.


This means regular workers within this timeframe (6th January 2020 > 19th March 2020) will be eligible for the Furlough Scheme.

What defines a regular worker?

As with everything, we have had to look at trends and averages and there is a cut off point to be aware of. If you are part of our core brand ambassador team or your average weekly wage from EXECUTIONAL over the 10 payroll periods listed above is higher than £50 gross per week, then we are giving you the option to be Furloughed.

If you qualify within these criteria then you will receive an email from Tim Orpen. All you then have to do is reply back to confirm you would like to be placed on Furlough. Payment will be received in May. Exact date TBC, depending on when we receive the funding from HMRC. We are aiming for as soon as possible. By reply, EXECUTIONAL will outline the income you will receive in May.

How did we calculate this?

We have taken your gross income over the 10 payroll periods and then created a weekly average income. This will then be calculated into one monthly furlough payment, which will reflect in our claim on your behalf.

Please note this will be based on 80% of your calculated wages.

Kind Regards,

Tim Orpen, Managing Director


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