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Carnival Kitchen Product Sampling

Amazed at how receptive the streets of Manchester have been!

Position a branded tuk-tuk in a high footfall area in one of the UK’s largest cities, add on some branded sampling bins, a friendly, personable team of staff, and some delicious food from around the world, and they will come. We were blown away at how responsive the general public in Manchester have been this week.

Getting thousands of samples out into the hands of consumers was the aim of this promotion, and that we did. Joined by a professional photographer to capture some great content for us, this is exactly as sampling campaigns should be.

We work with many brands of all shapes and sizes, and sampling campaigns are our forte. Having been running activities like this for over 15 years, this is the crooks of what we do here at EXECUTIONAL and something we can help you with, from planning and logistics, all the way through to the implementation on the ground.

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